Oskar VIP Turnstile OVT 121 MS

It is a 168 mm diameter, cylindrical column body, double-sided motorized VIP turnstile model. It is designed to facilitate the passage of goods and goods in areas such as plaza, metro, stadium, prison, factory, and most importantly, it has been designed for disabled entrances. (121 MS ) Although it is the most economical VIP waist turnstile you can find in the market, it can work for many years in indoor and outdoor environments without any problems. It exhibits a stylish and modern appearance thanks to its ASI 304 quality stainless steel structure. It can be installed easily and quickly thanks to the mounting kit camouflaged in the cylindrical body. (121 MS ) With its modern lines and aesthetic structure, it offers a very economical and stylish solution for welcoming and organizing, controlling and recording your visitors.

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ENERGY: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz Optional 110 VAC
POWER CONSUMPTION: Maximum 25 Watts Minimum 10 Watts
INDICATOR: Transparent plexiglass, 3 different transfer stickers as standard stop, late or disabled sign are offered as standard. Two of the 3 different labels are selected by the user.
CONTROL: There is a dry contact data output in the passed direction. The dry contact can be easily connected to 12 VDC, 24 VDC or various access control units and other peripherals for transition triggering. In addition, the direction selection can be easily adjusted by the end users by means of the dip switches on the board. Turnstile allows free passage in both directions in case of power failure, this is a legal obligation, no other system is offered as an option without the written and official signature of the customer, there is also an extra contact input for emergencies (eg fire, earthquake, etc.). All solenoid and led indicator outputs are long-lasting semiconductors, there is also a buzzer on the control card that indicates that a pass is detected.
EMERGENCY: There is an emergency contact input on the turnstile main board, this input can be connected to emergency systems such as fire and earthquake. Thus, when the emergency contact comes, the turnstile switches to free passage in both directions.
BODY: Turnstile body is manufactured from ASI 304 quality stainless steel material as standard.
WING DIMENSIONS: Thickness 10 mm transparent plexi wing length 500×800 mm is offered as standard, it can be changed according to demand.
MECHANISM: Thanks to the electromechanical motor system, it can work in two directions, it allows one person to pass with a 90-degree movement. It creates a lock system at 90 degrees thanks to the solenoid coils specially manufactured for the turnstile. It does 90 degree damping with motor and optical switches, so it offers a smooth and silent transition. Thanks to its specially produced solenoid coils and watertight hidden roller bearings, it has a 50% longer life in general.


REMOTE CONTROLLER: An external remote controller can be easily controlled, while the receiver unit can be easily connected to the main board inside the turnstile.
POLYCARBONATE WING: Thanks to the bulletproof 10 mm transparent polycarbonate wing, it is at least 5 times more resistant to breakage.
TEMPERED GLASS WING: Depending on the customer's request, 10 mm tempered glass wings can be produced.
3 COLOR LED STRIP LIGHT: The transparent turnstile wing is lightly illuminated with a phosphorescent or fixed light depending on the user's request, with 3-color LED strips, red, green, blue, placed inside the body. This option adds a stylish look to the transparent wing of the turnstile, and makes it more visible and easily recognizable.
LASER LOGO EMBROIDERED WING: Laser engraved logo or text can be embroidered on the plexi wing surface, depending on the user's request, so that the transparent plexi wing can be easily recognized, in addition to the logo or text processing, when 3 color LED strips are applied, the embroideries and the wing will look much more distinctive and stylish. wins.
CONTROL: Transition trigger can work with 12 VDC, 24 VDC, RS 232 -RS 442-485 and directly PC controlled. 256 turnstiles can be controlled with a single PC. If desired, it can be used with all access control units and other peripherals. There is a data output in the direction passed, this output can be a digital output or it can be sent directly to the PC in PC control.
EXTRA SECURITY PHOTOCELL: Thanks to the photocell mounted on the fuselage, it provides increased security. When an illegal pass is made under the wing, the turnstile can give notice in the form of loud noise, PC communication, etc., depending on the user's request.
PHOTOCELL PASSING: Thanks to 2 photocell profile poles mounted 50 cm back to the turnstile's passage direction, it provides automatic opening when the person approaches the turnstile.
COLORING: With a wide range of colors, all of our models can be colored with electrostatic oven paint, depending on the customer's request.
EXTRAS: Oskar Turnstile is able to produce customized solutions for all types of turnstiles.