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Oskar Turnike, which started its operations in 2004, has made a name for itself in serious projects in many branches such as precision molds, special automation machines and so on. Oskar Turnike has been working with the same precision since its establishment, and today it only produces turnstile entrance systems, Our company produces the most suitable and quality solutions in line with the developing advanced technology engineering knowledge and customer demands.

Our company, which has accepted the understanding of quality products and services as a duty since its establishment, has achieved significant successes and innovations in the field of turnstile security systems. Oskar Turnstile uses the developing technology in the most accurate way, thanks to its extensive R&D studies that it carries out with its 20 years of experienced engineers and expert staff in the sector. Turnstile entrance systems produced with 100 domestic capital are of the highest quality in a way that is most suitable for customer demands and can work for many years without any problems. manufactures turnstile models.

Oskar Turnike has gained important references after bringing its many designs together with customers in the domestic and international markets, and has managed to make its name known in a short time. achieve the best financial results by industry continues to work seriously as a workforce for.

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