What are Secure Access Systems?

Safe passage systems (turnstiles) are used by people who have been given certain authorizations in a certain area, These are the systems that provide input and output at defined intervals. Safe passage systems are used in very wide areas today. Generally, public institutions and organizations, military areas, municipalities, businesses, factories, elevators, etc. are used in places. Thanks to the fact that these systems are very reliable and useful, they are becoming more and more widespread day by day. are used in the fields. Card access control devices are generally used in secure access systems. Of course, access control can also be done with face recognition devices and fingerprint access control devices.

Card Security Access Systems

Card security access systems devices are devices that are used by card identification. It is possible to trigger the doors, turnstiles and barriers by reading the predefined cards to these devices. In order to trigger the doors, the locks must be used in harmony with the security card access systems devices. The availability of models suitable for all kinds of door structures of the locks to be used allows you to trigger any door with these devices. In order to trigger the turnstiles with these devices, the devices must be mounted on the turnstiles and used.

Card security access systems devices have different models that can be used indoors and outdoors. Models that can be used outdoors are resistant to water.

For What Purposes Are Secure Access Systems Used?

Secure access systems are generally intended to ensure that only authorized persons can enter certain areas of your business, factory, production area or school / classroom. used with.

While technologies such as face recognition and fingerprint recognition are frequently preferred for indoors in secure access systems, card reading and turnstile systems are used outdoors.

Safe Access Systems Usage Purposes:
  • Access control programs store important data that tells you how many people can go out and how many stay inside in case of fire or natural disaster.
  • With access control programs, you can control not only your employees but also your visitors.
  • When you need information for security reasons, you can easily see who entered a certain room or area, and who was the last person to leave, thanks to these programs. Thanks to the system that allows potential crimes or unauthorized work to be noticed immediately, you will ensure security.
  • You can make room-based authorization. For example, while allowing some of your employees to enter room A easily with their card, you can change this authorization to room B for another group. All decision making is up to you.

Why Are Secure Access Systems Important?

Safe Entry Systems are very important to register the entrances and exits to your business and to ensure that only authorized persons can enter private areas.

Workplaces: Secure access systems are used to control the entry times of employees entering the workplace, if there is more than one door, from which door they enter, and the hours they exit. At the same time, workplaces can be equipped with secure access systems so that these employees can only use the departments they are authorized to use in the workplace.

Apartment Entrances and Elevator Control Systems: Card pass systems can be used at the building entrances, which allow only the residents of the building to enter, and prevent the entry of sellers or foreigners outside the apartment. In addition, these cards can be used to prevent the residents of the apartment from accessing only the places they are authorized (floors and building entrances), attic and warehouse areas by elevator.

Parking Areas: Transactions such as the entry authorizations of the vehicles registered in the parking areas and the registration of the information regarding the entrances can be provided with secure access systems. Alternatively, license plate recognition systems can be used for the same operations.

Schools and Other Education Centers: Secure access systems are used at the entrances of schools and universities to allow only registered persons to enter the schools. At the same time, theft and theft can be prevented by using secure access systems in places such as computer rooms and reading rooms.

Public Transport and Transportation: Charges are made with the cards and secure pass systems of the people in public transportation vehicles and at the station entrances.