Oskar VIP Turnstile OVT 120 MK

Diameter 102 mm, cylindrical column body, double-sided mechanical VIP turnstile model. It is designed to facilitate the passage of goods and goods in areas such as plaza, metro, stadium, prison, factory, and most importantly, it has been designed for disabled entrances. ( 120 MK ) Although it is the most economical VIP waist turnstile you can find in the market, it can operate indoors and outdoors for many years without any problems. It has a stylish and modern appearance thanks to its ASI 304 quality stainless steel structure, it can be installed easily and quickly thanks to the perforated floor flange mounting kit. ( 120 MK ) With its modern lines and aesthetic structure, it offers a very economical and stylish solution for welcoming and organizing your visitors.

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INDICATOR: 3 different transfer stickers are offered as standard stop, late or disabled sign on transparent plexiglass. Two of the 3 different labels are selected by the user.
BODY: Turnstile body is produced from ASI 304 quality stainless steel material as standard.
WING DIMENSIONS: 260x260x5 mm transparent plexiglass. Wing length 800×332 mm is offered as standard, it can be changed according to demand.
MECHANISM: Thanks to its unique spring centering system, it can work in two directions, it allows one person to pass with a 90-degree movement. (vs-5) (vs-6) Thanks to the specially manufactured solenoid coils for the versions of the electric lock models, it creates a lock system after 90 degrees transition. Thanks to its specially produced solenoid coils and watertight hidden roller bearings, it has a 50% longer life in general.


REMOTE CONTROLLER: (vs-5) (vs-6) Electric locked models can be easily controlled with an external remote control.
LASER LOGO EMBROIDERED WING: Laser engraved logo or text can be engraved on the plexi wing surface upon user request.
EXTRA SECURITY PHOTOCELL: Thanks to the photocell mounted on the body, it provides increased security. When an illegal pass is made under the wing, it can notify the user in the form of loud noise, PC communication, etc., this option is only compatible with (vs-5) (vs-6).
PHOTOCELL PASSING: Thanks to 2 photocell profile poles, which are mounted 50 cm back to the direction of the turnstile's passage, it allows it to open automatically when the person approaches the turnstile, this option is only compatible with (vs-5) (vs-6).
COLORING: With a wide range of colors, all of our models can be colored with electrostatic oven paint, depending on the customer's request.
EXTRAS: Oskar Turnstile is able to produce customized solutions for all types of turnstiles.