OVT-120 MK

Oskar VIP Turnstile OVT 120 MK

102 mm diameter cylindrical column chassis is a mechanical VIP turnstile model operating both directions, It is designed for metro, plaza, stadium, prison, factory, and most importantly for the disabled access. By being the most economic waist high VIP turnstile in the market the ( 120 MK ) can operate for long years indoors and outdoors without an issue. It has a stylish and modern appearance with the help of ASI 304 stainless steel structure, it can be installed very easily by the drilled surface flange installation kit. the ( 120 MK ) provides really stylish and economic solution possibility for greeting and organizing the visitors.


  1. INDICATOR: 3 different transfer sticker labels of Typical Stop, Pass, or Disabled signs on the transparent plexi glass are offered as standard, two of the 3 different stickers are chosen by the user.
  2. CHASSIS: Whole turnstile chassis is manufactured from AISI 304 quality stainless steel as standard.
  3. WING MEASUREMENTS: 260x260x5 mm transparent plexi, 800×332 mm wing length is offered as standard, might be changed on demand.
  4. MECHANISM: It can operate in two directions with its unique spring mechanism, it allows one person to pass with a 90 degree movement.  (vs-5) (vs-6) electronical lock models provides locking system after a 90 degree passage for its versions with specially manufactured solenoid coils. It lasts 50% more with its specially produced solenoid coils and leak-proof hidden bearings.


  1. REMOTE CONTROL: (vs-5) (vs-6) Models with electronic lock can easily be controlled by an external remote control.
  2. LASER LOGO INLAID WING: Laser inlaid logo or text can be engraved on the surface of the plexi wing on demand.
  3. PHOTOCELL SECURITY: It provides security by the photocells mounted on the chassis, it can alert loudly, via PC communication etc. depending on the user’s choice when there has been an illegal passage under the tripod arm, this option is compatibly with only (vs-5) (vs-6)
  4. PHOTOCELL PASSING: It provides automatic opening when the person gets close to the turnstile by 2 photocell poles mounted 50 cm back to the pass direction of the turnstile, this option is compatibly with only (vs-5) (vs-6)
  5. COLORING: All models can be colored by a wide range of electrostatic paint on demand.
  6. EXTRAS: Oskar Turnstile is able to produce private solutions for every turnstile types on demand.

Please click to view and download technical drawing as PDF.