OSG-131 CS

Oskar Butterfly Turnstile OSG 131 CS

3 Wing, 168 mm diameter cylindrical column body is a half-height turnstile models can operate bi-directional motor, the Plaza has been specially designed for places such as stylish. (131 CS) for many years in domestic and international environment is probably the most elegant glass half-height turnstiles which you can find on the market can operate smoothly, ASI 304 stainless steel structure, the stylish and exhibits a modern look, thanks to the foot into camouflaged mounting kit can be installed easily and quickly ( 131 CS) decorate your space with modern lines and aesthetic structure almost at the same time meet your visitors and to organize, provide a fine opportunity for you to take control and recording solution.


  1. ENERGY: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz Optional 110 VAC.
  2. POWER: CONSUMPTION: Maximum 25 Watt Minumum 10 Watt
  3. INDICATOR: Two different transfer decal sticker affered as standard. These transparent plexiglas and standard an a late stop sign.
  4. DRIVING: Passes are normal exept for a power outage, after the arrival of the authorization signal, the mechanism switches to the open position in the direction of the transition, from the moment you touch the person the arm of the turnstile the motor is engaged, people without any force the passage of the motor makes it though, and people cycle through the engine again to decelerate after the transition of 120 degrees in a gentle way.
  5. WING MEASUREMENTS: Thickness 10mm the length of the wing transparent pleks 325*820 is offered as standard, can be changed according to demand.
  6. CONTROL: Includes a dry contact data outpul on the pass direction, the switch for triggering dry contact, 12 VDC, 24 VDC or wide range of access control units and other peripherlas may be easily adjustable by the end user by means of DIP switches on the card, and power outages in turns allows free passage in bath directions, this is a legal obligation, the customer is not otherwise in writing without a signature and the offical system offered as an option, also for emergency situations (for example: fire, earthhquake, etc.) extra contact inpul. All solenoid outputs, LED indicator was Long-Lasting on the control board buzzer is available on demand by means of the DIP switch on the card, the buzzer can be disabled.
  7. EMERGENCY: Emergency contact input on the main board tourniquet available in this entry fire, earthqualce, such as emergency systems can be connected. Thus, it is free passage in bath directions, turns on the emergency contact arrives.
  8. BODY: Turnstiles body and all separators are manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel as standard.
  9. MECHANISM: Unique design, thanks to an electromechanical motor system, two-way can work, with the passage of on act provides for persons of 120 degrees. Through the turnstile solenoid coil creates a system custom manufactured to lock at 120 degrees, and the aptical swiches with soft damping in a manner that makes the transition so smooth and quiet motor offers the possibility of custom manufactured solenoid coils and the secret of the water thanks to the sealed bearings in general terms, 50% more durable.


  1. REMOTE CONTROL: External remote control can be easily controlled, the receiver turns the unit can be easily rannected to the main card.
  2. POLYCARBONATE WING: 10mm transparent polycarbonate wing 5 times more durable against breakage thanks to a bulletproof.
  3. TEMPERED GLASS WING: 10mm tempered glass wing can be produced upon customer request.
  4. EMBROIDERED WING LOGO LASER: Laser pleks desired by the user on the durface of the wing mark, logo, or post-processed so that it can be easily noticeable pleks the wing beromes transparent, 3 color led strip, as well as logo or also processing and post processing is applied when the wing is much more distinctive and gives a trendy look.,
  5. CONTROL: Pass triggering, 12 VDC 24 VDC RS 232-RS 442-485 can work with a direct PC control. The PC is only 256 can be controlled with a tourniquet. If desired, can be used with all access control units and other peripherals. In the direction traversed has a data output, a digital output or be directly sent to the PC this can be controlled by a PC.
  6. COLORING: All our models can be collored with electrostatic powder paint through the wide color option.
  7. EKSTRAS: The demand for all varieties of tourniquet Oskar specific solutions is able to produce.

Please click to view and download technical drawing as PDF.