HCT-1600 D

Oskar Optical Turnstile HCT 1600 D

Oskar is our two-directions two winged and independent double mechanism, optic ,motor turnstile model, it has been designed for stylish buildings such as plazas. (1600D ) is used in order to form multiple corridors, and also multiple (1600D ) double can be placed between the two (1600 S ), so there is a possibility of forming an infinite corridor. The (1600 D ) is not only the most stylish turnstile model you can find in the market but also it can operate for long years indoors and outdoors. It has a stylish and modern appearance with the help of ASI 304 stainless steel, and it can be installed very easily by the installation kit hidden in the case. the (1600 D ) almost decorates your place with its modern line and aesthetical structure, also it provides really stylish solution possibility for greeting and organizing the visitors, keeping them under control and as records.


  1. POWER: 220 VAC 50/60 Hz Optional 110 VAC.
  2. POWER CONSUMPTION: Maximum 25 Watt Minimum 10 Watt
  3. POWER SUPPLY: 220 Vac 50/60Hz switch mode adaptor.
  4. POWER RATES: Maximum 50 Watt – Minimum 3 Watt
  5. INTERNAL VOLTAGE:24V DC maximum.
  6. OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -20° to +55° C ( LTT HT down to -40 ° C with LTT HT heater option )
  7. OPERATING DIRECTIONS: Suitable for entry/exit from both directions.
  8. MECHANISM: The DC motor becomes active once the authorization signal is taken, the wings gets into open position very quietly, the mechanism which detects the passage with the photocells attached to the chassis does not allow the wings to close if there is an animate or inanimate between the wings, even if it is made to close by misleading the system, it moves with so weak force that it would hurt nobody, also with eccentric motion system it can never be opened manually when the wings are in fully close position.
  9. MECHANISM: The DC motor and micro processor eccentric operating mechanism, which operates very quietly, has been placed into the case, information about the wing position can be received easily by the inductive sensors on the mechanism, the extremely quiet new design can be operated for year without an issue.
  10. EMERGENCY: There is an emergency input on the turnstile mainboard, emergency systems such as fire and earthquake can be connected to this input. So in case of emergency the indicator will light up green and the turnstile sets itself to free passage to both directions.
  11. INDICATORS: The LED indicators which are placed underneath the smoked glass on the top plate shows information about ON-OFF status of the turnstile. It indicates free passage with a green arrow when the authorization signal has been received and indicates red X while waiting when there is no authorization signal.
  12. CASE: ASI 304 quality stainless steel main columns, mid poles and top cover, and side covers are manufactured from 5 mm black plexi material as standard, it may be changed on demand.
  13. WING MEASUREMENTS: 10 mm thick transparent plexi wing with 325×820 mm in fly wing shape is offered as standard, might be changed on demand.


  1. POWER CUT: An external power supply unit can be connected on demand, thus the turnstile wings automatically gets into open positions.
  2. REMOTE CONTROL: It can easily be controlled by an external remote control, and the receiver unit can easily be connected to the mainboard in the turnstile.
  3. POLYCARBONATE WING: At the 5 times more resistant to breakage by bulletproof 10mm Transparent polycarbonate wing.
  4. TEMPERED GLASS WING: 10mm tempered glass wing can be produced on demand.
  5. 3 COLORED LED STRIP LIGHT: The transparent turnstile wing is softly illuminated with 3 colored LED strip in red, green, blue or phosphorous or constant light on demand, this option provides a stylish appearance to the turnstile wing ensuring it to be clear and easily noticed.
  6. LASER LOGO INLAID WING: Laser inlaid logo or text can be engraved on the surface of the plexi wing on demand, so the transparent plexi wing can be easily noticed, also when 3 colored LED strip is applied the logo and the text becomes clearer and have much more stylish appearance.
  7. TOP PLATE: It can be produced in special color and pattern options as Special ellipse Granite & marble cut on demand.

Please click to view and download technical drawing as PDF.